20 Years of Business Books: Our Top Five

kimberly farmer lUaaKCUANVI unsplash scaled 1

I read non-stop. Over the past 20 years, I waded my way through a sea of reading material, at least skimming most of the widely acclaimed business books. Out of all of these books, Centric found five that so closely align with our business philosophy that we adopted them.

When possible, we have the authors speak to our entire company. We use concepts in each book to train our leadership team and employees, frequently giving out copies. Also, we developed internal training and workshops, applying the frameworks from the books to our business.

These are the five books most closely aligned with our thinking. In many cases, we arrived at similar conclusions, but we didn’t realize someone else already wrote books on the topics with much more clarity. These books helped us go more in-depth with our concepts and improve our desired trajectory. Each title supports our mindset and helps train everyone on how we approach our business. The approaches laid out in our Top Five is at the core of our success.

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