4 Tactics To Keep Company Culture Strong During Difficult Times

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When Mary Kelly, founder of MCK Leadership Talent Group, worked in Bank of America’s default servicing organization during the financial crisis of 2008, she found something extraordinary. The employees were doing an incredibly difficult job, fielding calls to and from homeowners in default on their mortgages, yet remained an incredibly positive and engaged group.

“Bank of America always invested in building their culture,” Kelly says. “During the worst time in the financial history of the company, these employees were doing a very difficult job yet still saw the vision and mission of the company and felt a sense of purpose in their work—to provide solutions for homeownership to their customers.”

As leaders face an uncertain economy in 2023, it’s important to remember the power and value of culture. It’s not a project that can be shoved aside during difficult times. Culture is the very fabric of your organization that can help your teams navigate turbulent weather. In other words, when trouble strikes, it’s time to double down on culture.

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