Be Better Tomorrow Podcast: Being a Great Virtual Employee

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Jason Fisher and I had a great discussion on his Podcast: Be Better Tomorrow. We focused on what an employee can do to be a great virtual team member. Listen below.

Here is an overview of the Podcast:

Office Optional is a new book by Larry English of Centric Consulting helping companies understand how to build remote teams in our new virtual work world.

  • How and why you need to cultivate an atmosphere of trust in a virtual environment
  • How to recruit and hire team members for remote work
  • How to build strong relationships with people you don’t see every day
  • How to scale your virtual company without sacrificing culture
  • How the right software tools can help build culture
  • How to be a great virtual team member

We talked a ton about what creates a great culture and how to maintain or create it when you are spread to the four winds. How we as contributors are responsible for the culture of our company. If you are going to create and keep a great culture as the world moves more toward remote work, this book will help you.

Be Better Tomorrow Podcast

Link to Be Better Tomorrow Here