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Sprinkled with funny, insightful stories from Larry and other Centric employees, Office Optional: How to Build a Connected Culture with Virtual Teams is the ultimate guidebook to remote work and a successful virtual culture.

  • How and why you need to cultivate an atmosphere of trust in a virtual environment
  • How to recruit and hire team members for remote work
  • How to build strong relationships with people you don’t see every day
  • How to scale your virtual company without sacrificing culture
  • How the right software tools can help build culture
  • How to be a great virtual team member

Virtual work isn’t the model of the future—it’s here now. But many companies struggle with setting their employees free from the office without sacrificing culture. Centric Consulting president Larry English is here to guide the way. Twenty years ago, Larry and his friends weren’t happy in their consulting jobs. The long hours took a serious toll on their personal lives. So they built their own company where employees could work virtually and the culture would contribute to both the business’s success and employee happiness. Since then, Centric Consulting has expanded to over 1,000 team members with operations in 12 US cities and India—and everyone works remotely some or most of the time. As Larry unpacks everything he’s discovered about creating and sustaining a culture of collaborative teams, you’ll learn: