Business Strategy Podcast

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In this podcast, Larry visits with Centric’s Biz and Tech Talks, where they discuss the nuts and bolts of business strategy. Specifically, they discuss topics like:

  • What signs indicate you need to reevaluate your strategy?
  • How often to check in on it?
  • Who do you engage to be part of the process?
  • Do you Include external advisors, or not?
  • Are you looking at incremental change, or is everything on the table?

In the course of their discussion, they hit numerous examples pulled directly from today’s headlines, as companies make strategic decisions every day which can make them successful — or spell the beginning of the end for them.

Working from decades of business experience, they dig deep into the tension, uncertainty, and sheer thrill of making setting the course for a business enterprise.

Join them by listening in on this latest discussion in the Centric Biz and Tech Talks podcast series!

Centric Biz and Tech Talks: Business Strategy