English Interviewed by Authority Magazine on Remote Career Development

Larry English was recently featured in Authority Magazine on how to advance and enhance your career when you’re working remotely. An excerpt is below, read the full interview on Authority Magazine.

Can you articulate for our readers what the five main challenges are regarding working remotely?

1. Without the social benefits of coming into an office every day, remote workers can feel isolated and lonely.

2. Many people new to remote work might think the distractions of home would be a big challenge, but the truth is that remote workers tend to have the opposite problem and end up working way too much.

3. It is 100% possible to build strong relationships in a virtual workplace, but it does take a lot of intentional effort. You don’t have the watercooler or break room bump-ins or the pre-meeting casual chats that come with being in the office.

4. The most effective remote workplaces operate asynchronously, meaning that work doesn’t always happen at the same time. Learning to work asynchronously, however, can be difficult, especially for companies that are new to remote work and have yet to modernize their processes and procedures.

5. Being remote doesn’t mean your teams never get together in person. There’s no one-size-fits-all strategy for in-person gatherings, so experimentation is necessary.