Supporting Digital Nomads In Your Business Is Good For The Bottom Line

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Digital nomads — employees or contractors who work remotely while traveling — were a small growing trend before the pandemic. With large numbers of workers logging in remotely during Covid, however, their ranks rose dramatically. According to an MBO Partners survey, 2020 has seen a 49% increase in digital nomads compared to 2019.

Like many remote-work trends, digital nomadism poses some interesting questions for businesses. Does it make sense to allow employees to work from the road? How does it benefit the company? How will it impact company policies?

I’ve run a mostly remote company for 20 years and am already an advocate for permanent remote work. After my family recently drove from Ohio to California to spend five weeks as digital nomads, I now believe this is the next benefit companies need to figure out both to keep employees happy and refreshed and to attract and retain top talent.

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