How To Ensure Every Generation Has A Great Remote Work Experience


My son is what I like to call remote native. He entered the workforce after the pandemic hit, and so he’s never known full-time office life. He’s always had the flexibility of the office optional life, and he doesn’t see a rational reason for why he should ever give it up.

My son is hardly alone in his desire for flexibility. A recent McKinsey survey found that when offered flexible work options, 87% of workers take advantage, a steady trend across all demographics.

That said, older generations have a different perspective when it comes to remote work compared with their younger colleagues. They have a certain set of expectations around the workplace and have had to adjust to a new way of operating. Their desire for flexibility tends to be driven by factors such as elder care, child care and personal health and safety considerations.

To successfully lead the workforce through the transition into permanent remote or hybrid work, leaders must consider these different perspectives, needs and preferences, taking care to provide the tools and support everyone requires to have a great remote work experience.

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