How We Work Has Forever Changed. It’s Time For Leadership Skills To Catch Up.

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The teams of the future will be distributed all over the world. They’ll be fluid, quickly spinning up to tackle new challenges and often including gig workers, which are projected to make up as much as half of the U.S. workforce in the next decade. The rise of virtual work will bring widespread demand for work-life balance, and it will also lead to a more inclusive world with opportunity open to talent no matter where they call home.

The old-school model of corporate leadership will no longer work. Leaders who insist on an outdated, hierarchical, in-person style of management will not be able to compete in the war on talent. Recent global surveys show that most employees want a hybrid workplace and many are looking for new opportunities with organizations that offer flexibility.

As leaders are putting together their hybrid workplace strategies, they should also work on cultivating a new set of leadership skills.

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