Larry Talks Remote Culture

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Companies have been making use of flexible work arrangements, remote staffing, and virtual teams for years, but until the recent pandemic, few companies have leaped to commit to these in a major way. For organizations trying to make that leap, there’s not just the question of how to make the change, but how to make it succeed.

In this podcast, Centric Biz and Tech Talks, Larry discusses his upcoming book, “Office Optional: How to Build a Connected Culture With Virtual Teams.”

Larry book is about how to build community in a virtual organization. As such, he talks about the questions executives have and the lessons he’s learned over twenty years running a virtual company. What makes people most effective in a virtual environment? How can you make people comfortable with the new reality?

Having the right tools is essential, but so is preparing both the individual and the team for success under new ground rules. In the end, the objective is to make the tools work for you so well that you can address your business and personal issues, and you don’t even think about the fact you’re in a virtual environment.

Listen below to hear Larry’s tips on how to achieve this.

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