Leadership Development Determines Your Organization’s Future. Here’s How My Company Is Getting It Right.

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According to research from Glint, an employee engagement platform, giving employees opportunities to learn and develop new skills is the top factor behind an exceptional workplace culture. Plus, when an organization offers upward internal mobility, employees tend to stick around more than 5 years — nearly double the average.

Young professionals are especially eager to work for a company that provides them with a clear career path and opportunities to learn and grow — at my company, Centric Consulting, it’s a top inquiry we get from recruits during the interview process.

A little over a year ago, Centric launched a tailored leadership development program. Two factors fueled the program’s development: Employees were hungry for learning opportunities — we knew a program was long overdue — and we knew we needed to take steps to preserve and pass down the organizational wisdom of our seasoned leaders, keep our culture and values intact and prepare a new cohort to lead the company into the next decades. In its first year alone, more than 300 employees took part in the program.

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