Modernizing to a Digital-First Organization

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Transforming to a digital organization is the most critical step for any company that wants to continue operating post-pandemic. Learn about the six components of becoming a digital-first organization so that you can make strides toward not only surviving, but thriving.

“The pandemic has brought into sharp relief how vulnerable companies really are. For many companies, the only option is to accelerate their digital transformation.” – McKinsey

When the pandemic first hit, were you and your leadership team scrambling only to find that your business continuity plans were insufficient? Many companies quickly realized how unprepared they were to operate as a fully digital organization.

For example:

  • They could not respond to their customers who needed digital channels with zero-touch interactions.
  • Their technology infrastructure did not easily support remote access to their applications and data.
  • They didn’t enable and train their employees on how to work and collaborate remotely.
  • Their organizational structure did not enable the agility to respond and adopt new ways of operating quickly.

For unprepared companies, the news is getting worse. Companies without a strong e-commerce or digital investment strategy are losing to those who have. Recent headlines highlight the downfall of companies like JCPenney, Neiman Marcus, Cinemex Holdings, and Pier 1 — all of which have struggled to compete against digital competitors.

Customers and employees prefer multiple channels of engagement, including a strong, integrated digital experience.

Of those who are using digital channels for the very first time, 75 percent state they will continue to use them once everything is “normal.” Customers in China have permanently changed their shopping habits after businesses reopened. Half of employees who – for the first time – got a taste of remote work want that to be their preferred way of working moving forward.

The path forward is clear: to survive and thrive, companies must transform their organization into a digital-first company.

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