Solve Chronic Information Overload With Microsoft 365

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In the digital era, communication is easier than ever. However, it’s a case of “too much of a good thing” — many of us are drowning in a constant influx of notifications, emails and chat messages.

The problem isn’t just annoying on an individual level. It’s also bad for business, leading to disengaged and frustrated employees. The 2023 Microsoft Work Trend Index found that 64 percent of people “struggle with having the time and energy to do their job — and those people are 3.5 times more likely to also struggle with innovation and strategic thinking.”

Several aspects of the modern workplace can contribute to information overload. Remote work gives employees flexibility, but it also can be difficult for them to truly separate from work. Especially when companies err on the side of too many modes of communication and too many applications, an all-too-common problem among today’s organizations.

Part one of this series explores some contributors of chronic information overload. Read the full article on to dive into some real-world solutions.