Thrive Global: “Bring Your Whole Self to Work”

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When I had my midlife crisis at 25, I read a lot while traveling. I was searching for how I was going to live my life. One day when we were about eight months into our trip, I was lying on a beach in Bali when I read a quote that would change my life. In The Drifters, James Michener wrote, “Southern Florida is filled with people sixty-eight years old who were going to do something big in their lives but waited until it was safe. Now it’s safe and they’re sixty-eightyears old.” I immediately knew I had to take a risk and try to do something big. I often read that so many people on their deathbed regret not taking a risk for something they were passionate about. I have tried to live life taking those big risks.

As a part of our series about the five things you need to successfully manage a remote team, I had the pleasure of interviewing Larry English.

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