TLNT: 5 Elements of a Culture of Agility

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Today’s remote-work world involves a multitude of moving pieces and continuous, rapid change. To truly thrive, companies must infuse agility into their entire culture. 

But what does this actually look like?

A culture of agility enables interdependent teams to collaborate with ease, flexibility, innovation, and speed. It enables people to rapidly adapt to change and evolving customer insights — even when the team is not physically together. In the process, teams focus on the high-value work that simultaneously supports immediate stakeholder needs and fuels organizational progress. 

At the same time, leaders operating in a culture of agility calibrate organizational design to better respond to shifting market dynamics. 

In other words, a culture of agility allows a company to achieve a state of continuous forward progress, even in the midst of a major curveball like a global pandemic. To foster such an environment, the following five cultural strengths must be in place: 

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