Upskilling Leaders Is Essential In The New World Of Work: 4 Steps To Get Started

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According to LinkedIn’s 2022 Workplace Learning Report, 49% of learning and development programs in 2022 focused on leadership and management training. And no wonder. With the widespread shift to remote or hybrid work, leaders need a new set of skills to guide, inspire and mentor employees.

Many of the new essential leadership skills are rooted in emotional intelligence: vulnerability, empathy and humility. Among other soft skills, modern leaders must know how to foster inclusion and belonging and help their teams feel connected to and inspired by their organization’s mission.

While upskilling leaders is essential to remain effective in today’s workplace, organizations must approach the task strategically. Done incorrectly, and leaders will feel like it’s just an inconvenience added to their already-heavy workload.

My company, Centric Consulting, helps companies with workplace transformation. Often, part of the process includes training leaders on how to be more effective in remote or hybrid environments. To get my biggest takeaways on designing a program to teach leaders the critical skills for the new world of work, read the full article on